5 Secrets of Creating Effective Brand Storytelling

5 Secrets of Creating Effective Brand Storytelling
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Brand storytelling is a fresh marketing strategy in the midst of people who are tired of advertising. Today’s society is exposed to various types of advertisements at any time through various media. Both through television, radio, smart phones, media on the streets, and others. It cannot be denied that the frequency of these very frequent advertisements leads to boredom which impacts on the neglect of the advertisements themselves.

This has caused increasingly difficult product promotions to get the attention of potential consumers. But there are other ways that can be done, to do promotion without making consumers feel that they are being hit by advertisements. One way is to create a brand storytelling.

Brand storytelling is the use of authentic and emotional stories by a brand for promotional activities. With brand storytelling, you can introduce your brand by getting them interested in your brand story. Instead of directly explaining what strengths and what your brand can offer, this method will be more effective in directly influencing their subconscious to buy your product.

Brand storytelling is now able to become a compass that will show the direction of your business marketing strategy. And the results will greatly benefit your brand in terms of visibility, development and subsequent impact. Therefore, bring prospective customers into the world of your business by making stories long-term, consistent and show what you care about. This is the best way to grab and maintain the attention of potential customers. Here are some secrets that will build brand storytelling to be effectively conveyed.

1. Simple story telling

Keep your brand story simple. Although many consumers like stories that are quite long and complicated like the stories of Harry Potter, soap operas, and the like. However, this does not apply to your storytelling brand. A simple story will look more realistic and more believable. Conversely, the complexity of stories can erode trust. For this reason, it’s best to make the story in three broad sections, including:

Initial (problem): describe the problem that you want to solve.
Middle (solution): explain how you solved it.
Ending (success): have a positive influence through this success. This last part should not be closed by the real ending. You must show that this section is the beginning of success and sustainability, which of course is with the help of your product.

2. Connect with Consumers

The solution to survive in the midst of fierce business competition today is to connect with consumers. Businesses need to connect with consumers, attract their hearts and engage with them even further. It is in the process of this approach that the telling of a brand can enter consumers.

Tell your story in such a way as to let you know that your brand understands consumers, like the consumers themselves, always there for consumers and connected with them. Therefore, the idea of ​​your brand should be to inspire consumers.


3. Touching Stories

Consumers in the digital age are continuously presented with the convenience of various automations and technological conveniences. This makes humanity very expensive. But apparently the rules that apply remain the same, the human heart will still be reachable by emotional things. Promotions in any form will be interesting and become viral and not even forgotten, when you can touch the emotional side of consumers.

Consumers who are getting fed up with instant and monotonous promotions will capture the human values ​​that are displayed in full. For example, advertisements for Thai insurance companies that may already be very familiar to the people of Indonesia. These ads can be considered as great work in brand storytelling because they are able to sell products in a way that really touches emotions.

4. Unique Narration
Apart from the emotional side, also embed brand image on consumers with a unique narrative. Unique here can be in various forms, be it funny, surprising, flashy, extreme, provoking curiosity or indeed never existed before. The unique side of the story that will produce a point that will not be easily forgotten by consumers.

5. Become an Individual

So that the story of your brand is authentic and consistent, one way you can do is tell the true story of the origin of the brand’s formation. Tell me why you decided to start a business. You can make this version by telling about someone.

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