Building Brand Awareness for Business Continuity

Building Brand Awareness for Business Continuity
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Brand awareness is a marketing strategy term that can describe the level of consumer awareness of a product. Promoting a new product or reviving an old brand is one of the right steps that can be taken to build brand awareness.

In building brand awareness, it is not uncommon for companies to utilize platforms or social media that are attracting consumers such as Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. How important is brand awareness for your business continuity? So what are the steps that can be taken to build brand awareness that is right for your business? Find the full answer below.


The Important Role of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is very important for any type of business. Because it can affect consumers to buy products or services for the first time. In addition, brand awareness can also make consumers continue to make purchases. Brand awareness is commonly used as a measure of a brand’s performance.

Every year, the company will invest to continuously improve and increase their brand awareness level. If there is a decline, the company will use various marketing strategies to restore the level of brand awareness. This is also an important key in marketing planning and strategy development. Furthermore brand awareness can be categorized into 3 levels, namely:

Brand recognition or aided recall, is the ability of consumers to recognize a product when they see the product.
Brand recall or unaided recall, refers to the ability of consumers to remember the name of a brand based on product categories. At this level, each consumer can simply hear the product category or catch a glimpse of the product they need to remember the brand of the product.
Top-of-mind awareness, refers to a particular brand or product that first appears in the minds of consumers when they are thinking about certain industries or categories.
Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness
There are many ways you can do to build brand awareness. Here are some promotional strategies that can be done to increase brand awareness:

Conventional advertising, what is meant by conventional advertising is advertising that is generally hard-selling and through conventional media such as television, radio, billboards, and others. Conventional advertising is able to expose a wide audience, therefore conventional advertising has always been a mainstay in creating or increasing brand awareness.
Social media. Social media is a good choice to increase brand awareness, because this media has become a compulsory consumption for the community at this time. You must be actively uploading relevant content and interacting with your audience on a regular basis. By uploading relevant content, you will gather a large audience that can later become a prospect for your business.
Content marketing. This strategy is a fresh choice among people who are tired of advertising. The main characteristic of content marketing is where the brand presents content that has value, be it information or entertainment for its audience. This value will later attract the audience or potential consumers to consume brand content of their own volition. So that the audience is unconsciously exposed to messages and brand names.
Holding an event, can be a promotional event to introduce your brand. For example for product launches or new product promotions.
Collaborate with other businesses that target the same customer persona as you, but don’t compete directly.
Providing merchandise is a way to thank customers for their contribution to your business. And of course it is the right way to strengthen brand awareness

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