Cashlink Payout: Easy Solution to Make Payments Fast in a Journal

Cashlink Payout: Easy Solution to Make Payments Fast in a Journal
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Many companies in Indonesia still make vendor payments by coming directly to the bank and making transfers manually. Not to mention if the data or documents prepared are not appropriate, of course it will be very time consuming.

Some other companies may have started using e-banking facilities but are still updating manually in accounting software or bookkeeping. Very complicated and prone to errors.

Journals will come with a new feature that is Cashlink Payout where you or your financial staff can directly make vendor payments or other costs directly with 1 click on Journal.

What is Cashlink Payout – Bank Mandiri?

Cashlink Payout is the result of a strategic collaboration between Journal and Bank Mandiri to facilitate the payment process using the Transfer Out method directly from the Journal application. With this feature, you can immediately make payments and get status updates in real time in the Journal.

How Can Cashlink Payout Simplify the Payment Process in Your Company?

Cashlink Payout gives you the best way to make payments directly from the Journal application. No need to bother, because the Journal has made the entire payment process safely and quickly for you. Some of the points below explain how Cashlink Payout in Journals gives you the convenience to make payments:

Integration – Just a few easy steps to connect your bank account with Journals. No need to worry, Journals have ISO 27001 certified security and ensure the security of your company’s privacy. This integration is an official collaboration from the Journal with the relevant banks.
Transfer Out – After activating integration, you can immediately use the Cashlink Payout feature. With this, you can directly make Transfer Out from the Purchase module in your Journal account. Only need 1 click to make a transfer and the Journal will immediately send your money to the destination account safely and quickly.
Approval – Don’t worry, Journal gives you full control to approve this transaction. As the owner, you can set approvals based on your staff’s role in this feature. So that all outgoing transactions (Transfer out) can still be controlled by the process of request and approval.
Update – After the transfer is successful, the Journal will automatically update your company’s payment and bookkeeping status. All financial statements will also be updated instantly in seconds!


What are the Benefits of Using Cashlink Payout Features?

With this latest feature, Journals provide you with solutions that accelerate the payment process in your company. Some of the benefits that you will immediately get are:

Ease of making payments – by using this feature, you can directly make payments in 1 click in your Journal account, before you need to activate the Cashlink feature in Journal.
Secure approval process – this feature applies an approval system (approval) in which the Journal will transfer out when it has received approval from the owner or manager that has been determined. This is to ensure financial security in your company.
Automatic updates – The journal will immediately update the company’s accounting status automatically and in real time. You can directly control debts and debt repayments from the Purchase module dashboard in your Journal account.
Easy and fast – everything you can do in Journals. With this feature, you don’t need to be complicated to log in to your e-banking account because everything is done directly in your Journal account and automatically updated automatically.

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