Conversation Marketing: Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Conversation Marketing: Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy
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If interpreted directly into Indonesian, conversation marketing means conversation in the world of marketing. This term is intended to create a direct communication with consumers. And to encourage conversation between the two, namely the marketing and consumer sections.

Conversation marketing is intended to create direct communication with consumers and trigger conversations between the two. When did this conversation occur? For example when you make a post on social media. Surely you want your followers to actively express opinions or ask questions. Then when you reply to opinions and answer these questions, communication is created in two directions.

The Important Role of Conversation Marketing

In business operations, conversation marketing has a very important role. Such as providing information, persuading, reminding consumers both directly and indirectly about the products and brands that are sold. Marketing communication also has many functions for consumers, especially to tell and show how and why the product is used, know the product more deeply, and where and when the product can be obtained.

Conversation Marketing that Must Be Mastered by Businessmen
In carrying out communication marketing strategies, most business people or marketing will tend to focus on social media. In fact, conversational marketing does not only refer to social media. Check out a brief review of other ways below:

Email marketing, is one of the most effective strategies to increase sales. The trick is to send information to customers via email. The information provided can be in the form of explanations of products or services offered, features that are owned, or even ongoing promos.
Live customer support. This is also important to do in carrying out conversational marketing strategies. Providing customer support or customer care services is a form that you value your customers. In this way, you can also receive constructive suggestions and criticisms from consumers. This is certainly very good for the development of your business going forward.
Customer loyalty programs. This method can be done to build good relationships with customers. And keep them loyal to your product and brand.
Conversation Marketing through Chatbot
Chatbot can help marketing divisions in companies to run product campaigns more easily and in a simpler way. With this technology, you can automate several processes and make it easier for the marketing division to generate more sales. Approximately, what can chatbot do to carry out a conversation marketing strategy?

Can improve prospects. With a chabot, you can make a number of questions and find out the customer journey in the sales cycle. Apart from that, chatbot can also personalize your way of gathering information more efficiently without having to provide multiple inquiry forms.
Chatbot technology can be used to help market products easily. This type of chatbot can interact directly with customers to help them find the product they are looking for to make them want to buy the product.
Chatbot can be one of the right tools to collect all forms of customer information.
Chatbot technology is here to welcome and serve customers. All you need to do is configure chatbot to be able to talk to consumers through the live chat feature.

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