How to Form SMEs for Sustainable Business Growth

How to Form SMEs for Sustainable Business Growth
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Seeing the potential of SMEs that are getting bigger every day, it certainly starts to move many parties to participate in making it more advanced. However, the fact is that there are still many SMEs who find it difficult to run their businesses. Capital, minimal human resources, lack of access to markets, etc. are problems that are often experienced. Then, how exactly tips to form SMEs for sustainable growth? Let us discuss further.

Seeing the Development of SMEs in Indonesia from Value Creation

The large number of MSMEs that have sprung up at the moment certainly triggers the question which sectors will rise. Actually, we can see MSMEs from value creation, namely how much MSMEs will create value for customers. Great UMKM is when they have value creation, but they are also able to take advantage of existing technological advancements. Then, from what aspects do we need to increase it? The answer is technology. The existence of technology will enable the acceleration of innovation and creativity of every MSME. MSMEs that will survive are those who are agile yet efficient.


The Government’s Role in Helping the Development of MSMEs

The problem that occurs is that not all MSMEs are ready digitally so this is where the role of BEKRAF is to participate in improving their creations first. BEKRAF will hold workshops and mentoring for 6 to 2 years to change the mindset and see the quality of production, packaging, to story telling of a product. The existence of storytelling without us knowing turns out to increase the selling value of the product itself. We believe that there is always a story behind each product that increases value.

Then, what is the government’s effort to develop MSMEs? Are there certain implementations that are run? Hari Sungkari in the Mekari Conference said that currently the government is building an ecosystem and seeing a gap, where some people are not ready for digital things. From this, the government tried to provide a solution, namely drop shipping. BEKRAF itself also has a design improvement program known as Innovative and Creative Through Nusantara Collaboration (IKKON). This program will bring designers to the regions so that the products are made in accordance with the target market.

Tips for Developing a Business

The Government’s Role in Helping the Development of MSMEs

Some people may often face problems, where they have made a product, but don’t know which things to do first or can be run simultaneously. Responding to this, Roy Nugroho as Head of Grab for Business, Grab Indonesia said that we can see case by case. The SMEs must focus and not be in a hurry to grow, but rather focus on problem solving with what they want to do. When you find a pattern and start to develop, then you just have to do something else for sustainable growth.

However, it is different with the opinion of Agung Bezharie (CEO of Warung Pintar), which actually depends on the business objectives and the strategy itself. You can do the scaling and understand the business first or look for depth, after that continue scaling. So, back to the decisions of the business owners themselves. You can also do both simultaneously, but of course the level of difficulty is also getting higher.

How to Maximize Marketing in the SME Business

Then, what about the marketing side? The digital era certainly raises the question of what is the most appropriate digital marketing strategy, then how do you keep your budget from being wasted.

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