Increase Customer Loyalty Correctly

Increase Customer Loyalty Correctly
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Customer loyalty can be used as a reliable measure to predict sales growth and consistent buying behavior. Therefore, businesses are competing to increase customer loyalty. In general, there are several characteristics of customer loyalty. One is that customers make regular purchases or repeat purchases.

By having loyal customers, the business will remain strong in the face of every condition. For example when the market is sluggish, or world economic turmoil and so forth. In the business world, maintaining customer loyalty is a big responsibility. Maintaining loyalty is also the toughest challenge compared to having to compete with competitors or competitors. Then how do you increase customer loyalty?


Factors that affect loyalty

Before discussing how the right way to increase customer loyalty, you should know what factors affect loyalty.

Satisfaction or satisfaction, is a measurement of the gap between the expectations of customers with the reality that is received or perceived.
Emotional ties or emotional bonding. Every consumer can be influenced by a brand that has its own charm. So consumers can be identified into a brand, because a brand can reflect the characteristics of these consumers. The bond that is created from a brand is when consumers feel a strong bond with other consumers who use the same product or service.
Trust or trust, is a person’s will to entrust a brand to perform or carry out a function.
Ease or choice reduction and habit, namely consumers who feel comfortable with a quality product and brand when making a transaction will provide convenience. Part of customer loyalty such as regular product purchases can be based on the accumulation of experience at any time.
Experience with a company or history with company. A customer’s experience at the time of purchase can form a behavior. When getting good service, the customer will repeat the buying behavior.
Stages of the Purchasing Cycle
After knowing what factors can influence customer loyalty, here are some stages of the buying cycle that can form customer loyalty that you must understand.

Awareness of potential customers for the product will arise from advertising and other promotions that position product excellence.
An initial purchase by a customer will create a positive or negative impression which will affect whether or not customer loyalty is maintained.
Any satisfaction or dissatisfaction will be the basis for consideration to switch to another product or not. The customer’s decision to buy again is the most important attitude for loyalty.
Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty
After you have enough knowledge about customer loyalty, now is the time for you to understand tips that you can do to increase customer loyalty. Follow the steps below:

The first is to meet customer needs and provide more than customers expect.
Next is to empower your employees to help customers the best they can.
Customers will appreciate if you can be transparent or open and take responsibility if you make a mistake.
Build relationships with customers more broadly, and be sincere and serious to customers.
Make customers feel special by giving awards for their loyalty. For example you can send a thank you, a ticket to watch, or a special offer that will make them happy.
Business commitment in maintaining the experience of customers can greatly influence the growth of loyalty. Therefore, the customer experience should be prioritized.
Do not just when offering products, you will dedicate time and yourself in front of customers. But the same thing you have to do when your prospect is already a customer. When there are customers who make complaints, then you must be ready to face and solve problems faced by these customers.
Furthermore, the best way to increase customer loyalty is to offer what they want and need.

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