Retargeting Ads Strategy to Increase Sales

Retargeting Ads Strategy to Increase Sales
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Retargeting is a form of online advertising that can help businesses to get their brand in front of bounced traffic after customers leave the website. For most websites, only about 2% of web traffic will convert the customer’s first visit. Therefore, retargeting is a tool designed to help business people achieve the rest. Ie, as many as 98% of customers who have not been converted correctly. So how does ad retargeting work? When is the right time to do retargeting? Check out the review below.

Ads Retargeting Strategy

Retargeting is effective because it will focus on advertising your product or service to people who are familiar with your brand. There is one factor that is quite important to consider in setting ad retargeting. You need to be more flexible when creating copy ads for retargeting ads. The reason is simple, because the audience who saw the ad already knew you before through his visit to your website before. Therefore, make the ad more explicit and do not need to make small talk. The emphasis must be on the call to action, and not the introduction.

One of the things that makes retargeting ads so effective is the power of its real-time bidding (RDB) technology. Besides this, here are some other reasons that should be able to convince you to immediately retargeting:

Retargeting can be a powerful tool to target users who have visited your website.
Retargeting is a combination of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. If you already have a fixed number of organic visitors who open your website, then you can increase the traffic by including these visitors on the retargeting list.
Can increase brand awareness easily.

How Adsense Retargeting Works

Retargeting is a cookie based on technology that uses simple Javascript code to follow the audience on the entire website. Here is how retargeting works:

You put a small piece of code on your website (this code is sometimes seen as pixels). The code or pixel is unnoticeable or not visible on your visitor’s website. And will not affect the site’s performance of your business.
Furthermore, every time a new visitor arrives or visits your site, the code will lower the anonymous browser cookie.
Then, when your cookied visitors browse the website, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to serve ads. And make sure your ads are shown only to people who have previously visited your website.
Choosing Tools for Retargeting Ads
There are methods and tools to help business people increase the effectiveness of retargeting campaigns so they can reach potential customers. These methods include the following:

Retargeting via YouTube. YouTube is the advertising medium as well as the most powerful medium for targeting consumers. Business people who use this media must focus on the goal of entertaining consumers. Make excellent and interesting video ads so that your audience and consumers will talk about your brand. The easiest way to start retargeting via YouTube is to use the “remarketing” list on your Google AdWords.
Facebook Custom Audience. Facebook is one of the best places if you want to reach an audience quickly and at high frequency. This feature will help business people to achieve promising leads.
Audience Segmentation. One of the most common mistakes made by business people when doing retargeting is failing to segment the audience when creating campaign displays. There are various effective ways of targeting an audience. Like targeting people who leave a shopping basket, target the most recent visitors, target the most recent visitors, and target less recent visitors.

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