Tips on Making Professional Product Photos with Smartphones

Tips on Making Professional Product Photos with Smartphones
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Marketing a product requires interesting content. So that it can steal the attention of consumers to continue to the purchase. Many assume that good product photos are produced by expensive cameras and are equipped with high-quality equipment. But apparently this is not the only way.

If your business has a limited allocation of funds to buy a professional camera, you can use a smartphone as an alternative tool. The photo quality of the product produced by a smartphone can be juxtaposed with the results of a professional camera with several editing processes after shooting. For those of you who want to try this method, here are some tips on making product photos look more professional even if you only use a smartphone camera.


1. Use the maximum possible resolution

The quality of the smartphone camera is currently not inferior to other gadgets that are devoted to taking photos and videos. At least an average smartphone already has a camera resolution above 5 megapixels. With these qualities the smartphone is actually capable of producing good quality photos. Especially if you use a smartphone with a camera resolution on it, the results will be even better. Moreover, there are many smartphone cameras with a manual system, where you can adjust the camera resolution. You must use the best resolution to produce quality product photos. In addition to setting the resolution, you also need to set the correct ISO, the appropriate white balance and so on.

2. Avoid using Zoom

Shooting with a smartphone camera will usually minimize the object taken. If the object you want to take is far enough away, try not to use the zoom feature. Zooming in to an image with the zoom feature will only make the photo broken and have a low resolution, making the photo less sharp. To keep your photos high quality, you should take closer object images.

3. Use the Appropriate Background

The choice of product photo background is a very important element. This does not only apply to photos that will be uploaded on social media. But also photos that will be displayed in other promotional media such as pamphlets, banners, websites and so on. Photo backgrounds can vary, you can use plain backgrounds or with accents that are in line with the product, and others.

A plain backgorund will make a product that is photographed look more elegant. The use of plain background will also make consumers focus on the product. This option is very suitable when the product photo is intended for catalog. While the background with a matching accent can highlight the value of the product being photographed. For example if you are photographing herbal products, you can use natural accents such as wood or leaves. However, try to make the background not too crowded so that it is not excessive. So consumers can stay focused on the product. You also have to choose the right color combination on the background.

4. Good lighting

Another thing to note is lighting. Bad lighting will have an impact on photo quality. If the lighting is deemed lacking, you can use a sitting lamp mounted on the right or left of the product. You can also use sunlight for more natural results. However, avoid using the flash on a smartphone, because it will damage the camera catch.

5. Take advantage of Editing Features

The next way is often done by people to make photo objects look nicer and more beautiful. Namely using the editing features of a smartphone, this method is effective for beautifying the results of the photo. Or you can use the photo editor application for better results.

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