What is Effective communication

What is Effective communication

What is Effective Communication?

The method of transferring thoughts, information, and emotion from one person/place to other person/place by talking, writing, or using some different mediums is known as communication. Effective communication required 2 persons a message receiver other is the message sender. Communication act like a covalent bond.

There is a four type of communication.

  • Verbal communication.
  • Nonverbal communication.
  • Written communication.
  • Visual communication

Effective Communications are a skill without it no one can grow up in his life. Communication skills are very important to gain success in your life.

In our today’s life where world is moving fast we have to improve our communication skills otherwise we will be missed by the world.

Effective Communication skills are not depends on English language. But we can say that the English language is a tool of communication.

Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking, these are the main factor which are very important to improve our communication skills. 50% of our communication depends on these 4 factors

. And other 50% is depends on our body language.

Basic Factor to improve Effective communication skills

Body language

It is a part of nonverbal communication. Body language is very important in communication.50%of our effective communication depends on our body language.

Our body language helps others peoples to identify our emotions, status, and even our life style without saying a word. So always remain in positive body language it helps us in good communication.

‘Our body speaks before our words’

Our Body Speaks Before Our Words

Good institute

Effective Communication skills depends a bit on institute in which you study a good institute gives you confident.

A confidant person communicates in a better way as compare to shy person.

In some meaning shyness is a weakness of a person. So confidant is very important in improvement of our communication skills.

 A good institute teach us to speak meaningful not meaningless. It is a fact that a person who always speaks meaningful always appreciated by the peoples

. And the other side a person who speaks meaningless always disrespected by the peoples.

Good institute helps in effective communication


Improvement in our communication skills will be very easy due to modern technology of internet.

Internet can provide us everything which we need to improve our communication skills. Like from YouTube we can watch recorded videos to improve our communication skills.

 From different blogs we can read very useful content and article which can be very useful in improvement of our communication skills.

We can read latest news on internet. The major thing is that we can read all of the content and watch videos on any social media platforms at home.  

So  be  relax  sit at your home and improve your communication skills.

A good way to communicate

  • Honesty is the central point of communication so be honest while speaking.
  • Always speak meaningful.
  • Eye contact is very important in communication. It shows your confidant level.
  • Listen carefully and then answer.
  • Maintain your body language while communicating.

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